Meaning of droid in English:


Pronunciation /drɔɪd/

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  • 1(in science fiction) a robot, especially one with an appearance resembling that of a human.

    ‘The robots, the droids as they are called in these parts, were owned and used for various things.’
    • ‘No actually my wonderful robot droid Malcolm is taking care of everything.’
    • ‘The droids looked like a stereotypical sci-fi robot: they were hovering, with a spiked ‘halo’ as the lowest part of their structure.’
    • ‘Ignoring his own Robot's warnings, he repairs the damaged droid.’
    • ‘Does it make a difference if they are dumb droids or brilliant machines?’
    • ‘It uses the outer shell for space travel, but the assassin droid is a smaller machine kept inside of that.’
    • ‘Having been colonised by man, Mars is now an automated industrial outpost overseen entirely by droids.’
    • ‘His droids will have to excel themselves, however, if they are to overcome the flashy electronics skills of the Japanese team - regarded as the Manchester United of robot football.’
    • ‘The years between '49 and '75 were marked by all sorts of male menace droids threatening the fate of Earth.’
    • ‘Most die in subsequent episodes - except those annoying droids.’
    • ‘Her argument would be enhanced if it were placed in the context of the literature which describes droids who desire to become human.’
    • ‘I mean, when we were little kids we were led to believe that we were going to have droids and light sabres and interstellar flight by 1995.’
    • ‘Yes, those were the Red Sox, and not, say, alien baseball droids in clever plastic disguises.’
    • ‘I did spend the first half of the movie trying to figure out why a droid was wheezing and coughing.’
    • ‘Target markets for the droid include airports, ports and hazardous industrial sites, where the robot can either patrol on a pre-programmed route or be controlled over a Wi-Fi link.’
    • ‘However, a grisly mass murder of a suburban family by their domestic droid puts Ramsey in the middle of a real criminal investigation.’
    • ‘Just under 4ft, the bug-eyed droid, right, can turn on lights, open a bottle of water and fetch the mail.’
    • ‘With my new found invincibility, not even the crab droid could stop me.’
    • ‘The droids are hard at work trying to fix that voodoo machine but, in the meantime, we are stuck adrift in space and not sure where we are.’
    • ‘You take the control of Glitch, a small yellow robot who joins a resistance band of droids fighting off an evil army of robots.’
    1. 1.1A person regarded as lifeless or mechanical.
      ‘a marketing droid’
      • ‘Our main suspicion was a sales droid on the fiddle.’
      • ‘The thing is, this was not a sales droid but the official technical support person.’
      • ‘So, while I am waiting for the sales droid to process my order I started talking to a couple about MP3 players.’


1950s shortening of android.