Meaning of droog in English:


Pronunciation /druːɡ/


  • A young man belonging to a street gang.

    • ‘at the beginning of the film, a tramp is kicked to death by Alex and his droogs’
    • ‘They don't have the style that makes Alex and his droogs the protagonists we love; their music rarely features any contrast or variety, and as such, fails to be effective or worthy of partying to.’
    • ‘The apes battering an ape to death at the waterhole prefigures a scene when Alex and his droogs beat up a bum in an alley with clubs.’
    • ‘But does the tale of the angelic-looking, inherently evil Alex and his droogs still have the same impact?’


1962 coined by Anthony Burgess in A Clockwork Orange; alteration of Russian drug ‘friend’.