Meaning of droolworthy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdruːlwəːði/


  • 1informal Extremely attractive or desirable.

    • ‘up close he was even more droolworthy’
    • ‘This version of the app manager is better thought out than the concepts we've seen before, which were already droolworthy.’
    • ‘They are strong, just as droolworthy and men you'd be proud to fall in love with.’
    • ‘In addition there is this droolworthy webpage about the sale of his collection.’
    • ‘The dollar still being relatively weak, transactions can work out cheaper as well as making available droolworthy gizmos and doodads that can't be found here.’
    • ‘However, there are certain aspects of it that are droolworthy, like the accelerometer-based Google Maps Streetview.’
    • ‘His droolworthy, touchworthy body makes up for it.’
    • ‘He is droolworthy.’
    • ‘So far as I can see, the choices are an Olympus C5050 or a Canon G5, which just looks droolworthy on the catalogue pages.’
    • ‘"The company can't both claim that their product is superior to all others, a perfect object that's droolworthy, and then later admit that it has the same reception problems as all other smartphones."’
    • ‘She didn't take drinks from strange men, even droolworthy ones.’
    • ‘For some players, this will be truly drool-worthy, with plenty of camera angles designed to capture the most salacious shots.’
    • ‘His bike is awesome and he is most definitely droolworthy.’
    • ‘An incredible cast and a drool-worthy director make this the most promising of the holiday season selection.’
    • ‘Fashion plates were supposed to illustrate the season's most covetable and drool-worthy styles, and inspire everyone to imitate them as soon as resources allowed.’
    • ‘It was two hours and one roller coaster of a ride in Tyler's drool-worthy convertible later.’
    • ‘The visual effects are also drool-worthy, and the silky smooth animations are also up to snuff.’
    • ‘Bonus: The website is user-friendly and drool-worthy and gets extra points for using Avante Garde and Cooper Black Italic as its two main fonts.’
    • ‘What makes it drool-worthy is its updated design and an even bigger color screen.’
    • ‘I've been reading about a fab church (with drool-worthy architecture, stained glass windows and stone masonry work to covet) in NZ.’
    • ‘The young designer's bags are truly droolworthy, combining soft, supple leather with the lightest kiss of metal hardware.’
    1. 1.1(of food or drink) smelling or looking delicious.
      • ‘droolworthy pastries and baked goods’
      • ‘Then there's the fish, so many varieties of fish available and so many achingly drool-worthy ways of cooking them.’
      • ‘The pastries shown in pic 4 are just some of the drool-worthy foods on offer at the food market every Saturday morning.’
      • ‘They sipped champagne while nibbling on drool-worthy canapes at a private pre-performance party in full view of everyone.’
      • ‘This drool-worthy dessert is a chocoholic's dream come true.’
      • ‘Such a droolworthy pasta, looks rich and creamy.’
      • ‘Each year, she and her husband, Dennis, travel south from their Indiana home to sell droolworthy, belly-busting treats at state fairs and festivals.’
      • ‘The exquisite fare includes droolworthy dishes such as Risotto with Red Cabbage and Potatoes, Home-made Tortelli filled with Provolone Cheese, Fresh Blue Crab Salad Meat, and Braised Lamb.’
      • ‘An online competition is expected to heat up local kitchens as home cooks try their hand at turning a mystery box of ingredients into a droolworthy dish.’
      • ‘Rolf went for the confit chicken flatbread and I opted for the roast aubergine, then kicked myself when I spotted one of the meze platters, which looked droolworthy.’
      • ‘The latter is a downtown restaurant that has been serving the best ribs on the planet since 1948; seriously drool-worthy pork ribs that they can ship anywhere in America.’