Meaning of drop by in English:

drop by

(also drop in)

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phrasal verb

  • Make a casual or informal visit to a person or place.

    ‘do drop in if you're passing’
    • ‘I dropped by her office this afternoon to pick up the tickets’
    • ‘we dropped in unannounced’
    • ‘he dropped in on her last week’
    • ‘If you follow this system of preparation and daily quick cleaning, you will always have a clean bathroom that is ready for when an unexpected visitor drops by.’
    • ‘Visitors drop by, and they leave this place with new ideas about what they can do themselves.’
    • ‘How do they like to communicate - by e-mail, voicemail or an informal chat when you drop by their office?’
    • ‘When Suzette drops by for an unannounced visit, Vinnie is horrified at the sudden appearance of a random element in her well-ordered life.’
    • ‘People can drop by and visit friends or relatives without letting them know ahead of time.’
    • ‘A visit to Bruges is incomplete without dropping in at the shops displaying the famous lace works or to the lace training centre.’
    • ‘He has made employment his priority, dropping in on a job-centre for his first official visit.’
    • ‘If you get the chance to visit Budapest, make sure you drop by one of the spas.’
    • ‘Do drop in and help raise funds and maybe pick up the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.’
    • ‘A friend who drops in is given a free sample to try out and if he is happy with it, he will naturally come back to enquire more about the company.’