Meaning of drop like flies in English:

drop like flies

(also die like flies)


  • Die or collapse in large numbers.

    ‘back then, food tasters dropped like flies’
    • ‘When people are dropping like flies in plagues and epidemics, some actually recover, while others in their midst remain unscathed.’
    • ‘Only a few days ago I was feeling smug about not coming down with anything even though my workmates were dropping like flies.’
    • ‘Inmates are dropping like flies and being taken for emergency medical treatment.’
    • ‘My friends and classmates are dropping like flies, following me into the realm of living death.’
    • ‘It saddens me at the end of every semester to see my dance mates dropping like flies because of injuries.’
    • ‘Imagine you are being attacked from every angle, and your troops and vehicles are dropping like flies.’
    • ‘Do you mean to tell me that they are just going to sit there while people continue to drop like flies and offer no solutions?’
    • ‘Children died like flies in those conditions.’
    • ‘The fine animals that had endured the hellish voyage out from Britain died like flies from cold and sheer starvation.’
    • ‘They say that if these farmers are forced out of unproductive farming because of globalisation, then they will die like flies.’