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drop out

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phrasal verb

  • 1Stop participating or being involved in something.

    ‘she stepped into the spotlight after a fellow actress had to drop out due to ill health’
    • ‘He was so upset that he hatched a devious scheme to get the first five qualifiers to drop out of the race.’
    • ‘‘When you've been winning it really hurts to drop out of one competition, but there's other things for us to concentrate on,’ he said.’
    • ‘She thought about dropping out of the heptathlon with two events remaining because of a foot injury.’
    • ‘If that meant dropping out of a World Cup, that was what Calvin would have wanted.’
    • ‘They'd spent the afternoon cheering and dancing - but after seeing Radcliffe drop out of the race on the stadium big screen the party mood evaporated instantly.’
    • ‘She was forced to drop out of the race on the next lap because of a mechanical problem.’
    • ‘In recent months, however, his form has plummeted, dropping out of races in Gateshead and Crystal Palace.’
    • ‘Hamilton was deeply disappointed at the prospect of dropping out of the race after dedicating his year to the campaign.’
    • ‘She entered the presidential race in 1995 but dropped out a few days later.’
    • ‘But unfortunately for him, the fall forced him to drop out of the race.’
  • 2Abandon a course of study.

    ‘she had dropped out of college’
    • ‘By this time of course, I had dropped out of high school.’
    • ‘She dropped out of the course because she could not afford to pay the £16,000 annual fees.’
    • ‘I decided I was learning more about the design of the future in my day job so I dropped out of the course after a year.’
    • ‘But after six months he dropped out of the course.’
    • ‘Then David dropped out of his chemistry course and became assistant manager.’
    • ‘A dear friend of mine who dropped out of community college in her first semester makes more money than I do.’
    • ‘He dropped out of education and wound up sleeping rough for a few months.’
    • ‘I have a friend whose son dropped out of high school.’
    • ‘We found this guy who dropped out of school and had nothing to do.’
    • ‘Within the black community, dropping out of public school was considered downright treasonous.’
    give up, finish with, withdraw from, retire from, cancel
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  • 3Reject conventional society to pursue an alternative lifestyle.

    ‘he was a child of the sixties who had temporarily dropped out’
    • ‘This is one of the book's best sections because of its quiet reflections on the possibility of actually dropping out of society and embracing a new way of living.’
    • ‘Apparently it's quite the thing to drop out of society for months and take to the rivers and byways.’
    • ‘Some however for whatever reason just decide to drop out of society and choose to live on the streets.’
    • ‘And I can't keep my kids away from the bad influences of junk food and junk toys without dropping out of society.’
    • ‘These people lament the coming of the backpacker age, harping back to the sixties and seventies when you had to drop out of society to get on the trail…’
    • ‘I applaud these crustaceans for their insistence that it's ok to drop out of useful society in order to protect a feeling of global harmony that I doubt has ever existed.’
    • ‘People actually do live like this - they don't pay their taxes, they don't have running water or electricity and they choose to sort of drop out of society.’
    • ‘I could just drop out of society forever, never speak to the rest of them again, and live out my days in total solitude.’
    • ‘That's why I've dropped out of society and joined a convent in El Salvador.’
    • ‘Many societies, she notes, encourage their youth to drop out for a period of self-discovery.’
  • 4Rugby
    Restart play with a drop kick.

    ‘Having withstood early pressure and a strong downfield wind, Newbridge used the ball well early on but two basic drop out re-start errors saw them fall behind.’
    • ‘It was, however, Keighley who finished the game on top, forcing play to the try line with a long drop out from the restart.’
    • ‘RI took the lead with a Mathew Yates penalty and when Tim Nash scored an opportunist try straight from a drop out RI looked good for their 10-0 advantage.’
    • ‘The Wasps made a mess of Batley's kick-off and from the drop out scrum-half Gary Barnett spotted a gap and beat Callaghan to score.’
    1. 4.1Score a drop goal.
      ‘A quick 22 drop out was followed by a quick tap penalty.’
      • ‘Stephan Minogue's attempted penalty from halfway narrowly missed and was touched down for a 22 drop out.’
      • ‘Armoy retained possession from the 22 drop out and their out-half spotted a gap in the Newry back line.’