Significado de drop shot en en Inglés

drop shot

(also drop-shot)

Pronunciación /ˈdrɒp ʃɒt/

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  • (chiefly in tennis or squash) a softly hit shot, usually with backspin, which drops abruptly to the ground.

    ‘she played two superb drop shots to save game points’
    • ‘As evidence of his grittiness, five times yesterday he followed a drop shot or shots with a birdie or birdies.’
    • ‘Moya blew a second match point with a backhand drop shot that fell short.’
    • ‘The Russian fifth seed wrapped up a comfortable victory with an exquisite drop shot after 71 minutes at Beijing Tennis Center, venue for the 2008 Olympic tournament.’
    • ‘The latter was able to swat that match-ball away on a tight drop shot, jump-starting her to a 10-8 tally in that game and a swift 6-lead in the fifth.’
    • ‘The player should first start with a drop shot, move on to half and then 3/4 smashes, ending with full power smashes.’

verbodrop-shots, drop-shotting, drop-shotted

with object
  • 1Use a drop shot against (an opponent)

    ‘he tried to capitalize on Simon's discomfort by drop-shotting him’
    • ‘Sevastova drop-shotted the American to go 40-love up on her serve.’
    • ‘Nadal ran him from corner to corner and then drop-shotted him.’
    • ‘The Scot initially tried to capitalise on Simon's discomfort by drop-shotting him.’
    • ‘I think he came to the net and drop-shotted me.’
    • ‘Murray, sensing his restricted movement, then began to drop shot him.’
    • ‘He's in a 1-for-7 slump against the top-ranked player and might not want to drop shot him as much next time they play.’
    • ‘All the tricks were coming from the Federer racket as he drop-shotted his opponent almost at will.’
    • ‘The crowd were left in disbelief when Federer drop-shotted him at 30-all in the fourth game.’
    • ‘I left the ball short again and he drop-shotted me.’
    • ‘Djokovic, taking advantage of his lethargy, drop-shotted him twice in one rally.’
    1. 1.1no object Play a drop shot.
      ‘I drop-shotted well, especially at the start of the match’
      • ‘It was hard to believe he would have drop-shotted into the net on game point.’
      • ‘The final should be remembered for its scintillating tennis: Williams's magnificent dropshotting, Naomi Osaka's wonderful forehand, and the brilliant rallying.’
      • ‘He drop-shotted to engineer the break at the start of the final frame.’
      • ‘Sometimes she hit hard, sometimes she chipped and drop-shotted.’
      • ‘He drop-shotted for his first break point in the third game.’
      • ‘The poor guy he was playing had probably never been drop shotted or lobbed so much.’
      • ‘He drop-shotted with precision.’
      • ‘I drop-shotted well and moved around well.’
      • ‘She dinked and drop-shotted, repeatedly drawing Jaeger in to vulnerable positions at the net.’
      • ‘Bemelmans comes up with the goods here, volleying and drop-shotting for an important hold.’