Meaning of drop the ball in English:

drop the ball


informal North American
  • Make a mistake; mishandle things.

    • ‘I really dropped the ball on this one’
    • ‘Does it create the perception that we're dropping the ball somehow?’
    • ‘I'm not dropping the ball on my other work roles.’
    • ‘The only thing I'm worried about is that we're dropping the ball on the economy and homeland security.’
    • ‘And so they have a responsibility, and they're dropping the ball from where I'm sitting.’
    • ‘The first is that the professors tasked with teaching the students the ins and outs of the business really dropped the ball.’
    • ‘The sense is that it's the federal government that has somehow dropped the ball.’
    • ‘No, but I think that there are times that we have certainly dropped the ball in the last few years.’
    • ‘In both cases, he and his administration dropped the ball and thousands died as a result.’
    • ‘I believe that this committee has completely dropped the ball.’
    • ‘From what we can see, the union dropped the ball and is now crying foul.’