Meaning of drum up in English:

drum up

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phrasal verb

  • drum something up, drum up somethingTry to obtain support or business by means of vigorous persuasion.

    ‘the organizers are hoping to drum up support from local businesses’
    • ‘He said that once sufficient public support was drummed up, the organization would file a class action suit against the government if it continued to refuse to reverse its policy.’
    • ‘Very little prior knowledge is needed to read this book - but I do presuppose some interest on the part of the reader rather than trying to drum it up myself.’
    • ‘We are launching it on the market this week and hope that it drums up interest in the property.’
    • ‘He could drum up the support of the municipal council for the trailblazing idea.’
    • ‘He will take to the airwaves this morning to drum up support for Clarke.’
    • ‘"She could just be here to drum up business, " he said.’
    • ‘Two Swindon musicians have decided to drum up business doing what they do best.’
    • ‘Maybe it was really an effort to drum up business among our fellow northerners.’
    • ‘Critics say the federal alcohol agents are exaggerating the problem to drum up publicity and financial backing.’
    • ‘At first I thought Steve had conjured up the entire brouhaha to drum up publicity, but no.’
    • ‘Training was revolutionised and Hayes worked relentlessly on drumming up enthusiasm for the team around the county.’
    round up, gather, collect