Meaning of drupe in English:


Pronunciation /druːp/

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  • 1Botany
    A fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seed, e.g. a plum, cherry, almond, or olive.

    ‘The fruit, a drupe with fleshy pulp and a high fat content, contains a glucoside which makes olives, especially unripe ones, very bitter.’
    • ‘Fruiting plants are immediately recognizable by the unique bright blue color of their drupes, but sterile shrubs are very nondescript and easily overlooked.’
    • ‘Hermit thrushes ate 14 pondberry fruits during six observation periods in 2000-2001, and 13 drupes during five observation periods in 2001-2002.’
    • ‘This appears to have given rise to both single-seeded drupes and multi-seeded pyrenes early in evolution, and to berries later in evolution.’
    • ‘That this tropical drupe can somehow be made to taste like smoky bacon without the greasy mess (and more ethical considerations of course) is uncanny.’
  • 2A small marine mollusc with a thick knobbly shell, found mainly in the Indo-Pacific.

    Genus Drupa, family Muricidae, class Gastropoda


Mid 18th century from Latin drupa ‘overripe olive’, from Greek druppa ‘olive’.