Meaning of ducky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʌki/

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nounplural noun duckies

informal British
  • Dear (used as a form of address)

    • ‘come and sit down, ducky’
    • ‘I couldn't resist hauling out the cliché machine, my duckies!’
    • ‘Well, ducky, you'll definitely be in for a ride.’
    • ‘Interesting my little ducky, I only hope I do not hurt you to much.’


informal mainly North American
  • Charming; delightful.

    • ‘everything here is just ducky’
    • ‘Maybe we'll get some more oil and maybe prices go up and everything is just ducky, right?’
    • ‘I hope you'll have a ducky time with this information!’
    entertaining, amusing, delightful, nice, to one's liking, pleasant, congenial, lovely, fine, good, great, agreeable, pleasurable, replayable, delicious, delectable, diverting, satisfying, gratifying


Early 19th century from duck.