Meaning of dukedom in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdjuːkdəm/

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  • 1A territory ruled by a duke.

    ‘The boy was called Joao, and as heir to the dukedom of Braganca, held the title Duke of Barcellos.’
    • ‘Anne, whom he had courted in 1682, made him lord privy seal and promoted him in 1703 to the dukedom made available by the death of the second Villiers duke.’
    • ‘‘Europe is a more complicated continent above 20,000 ft than it was in the fifteenth century, with all the dukedoms, kingdoms and little tribes,’ he said.’
    • ‘It is even more disparate and dissociated than any of the other countries of Europe, most of which came into existence by the agglomeration of individual dukedoms, principalities and kingdoms.’
    • ‘The walls, plastered with painted murals of epic battles and heroic deeds, were additionally decorated with the colorful banners and standards of several dukedoms.’
    • ‘He was more miserly with titles than any sovereign since Elizabeth I - ensuring, for example, that dukedoms were reserved for the royal family alone.’
    • ‘There are five dukedoms that are constantly at war with each other.’
    • ‘You will lose the dukedom if you marry this girl.’
    • ‘Roger vanquished his enemies and claimed his dukedom.’
    • ‘As time went by the dukedom was enlarged, and the inhabitants became less and less Viking, and more Frankish in their way of life until eventually they became the people now known as the Normans.’
    • ‘He says that his magic is over since he has his dukedom back.’
    • ‘With the support of the King of Naples, his brother raised an army and expelled him from the dukedom with his daughter.’
    • ‘Everyone in the dukedom heard of her well-aimed book but not all cheered.’
    • ‘His horse got to be prime minister, and he apparently sold a chart-topping number of dukedoms, earldoms and baronetcies.’
    • ‘William had a very shaky claim to the English throne, but what he did have in his favour was a dukedom full of Norman knights, all eager for a share of newly conquered land.’
    • ‘After the execution of her brother the earl of Warwick in 1499, she was sole heiress to the dukedom of Clarence and the earldoms of Salisbury and of Warwick, and was granted the title countess of Salisbury in 1513.’
    • ‘Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise was a trendsetter when she married the Marquis of Lorne, heir to the dukedom of Argyll, in 1871.’
    • ‘You left me for the son of an Earl who ended up being disinherited and penniless and then I'll become a marquis… heir to a very wealthy dukedom.’
    1. 1.1The rank of duke.
      ‘The only prime ministers who really retired but never got a peerage were the great Liberal leader William Gladstone, who declined an earldom, and Churchill, who declined a dukedom.’
      • ‘All Edward III's sons received dukedoms, and the first non-royal dukedom was created in 1385 for Robert de Vere, favourite of Richard II, who became Duke of Ireland.’
      • ‘But it is not this that allows him to trace his ancestors; it is the fact that he has another title, much older than dukedoms and infinitely grander in its simplicity.’
      • ‘The ringleaders included the earls of Huntingdon, Rutland and Kent, elevated to dukedoms by Richard, but now demoted and demeaned by Henry.’
      • ‘They have held onto those gains by force and rewarded their aides with dukedoms and the like.’