Meaning of dumbphone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʌmfəʊn/


  • A basic mobile phone that lacks the advanced functionality characteristic of a smartphone.

    ‘there are still six dumbphones out there for every smartphone’
    • ‘I'm only asking here because people around here seem to be into the mobile space (I own a dumbphone).’
    • ‘If affordable prepaid options go away at some point, I'll discontinue service and revert to a dumbphone.’
    • ‘I'm currently using a dumbphone with a pay-as-you-go carrier and would like to switch to a pay-as-you-go smartphone.’
    • ‘The unconverted dumbphone market is still huge: case in point, my wife Cathy, who despite living with me and my Android is still by choice using a $30 dumbphone.’
    • ‘The US will see a rapid decline of dumbphones.’
    • ‘LG will be not be able to benefit from that market shift in the US while its core market remains tied to dumbphones.’
    • ‘You might be able to get away with a dumbphone if you don't move around a lot because you can rely on your laptop to reply to emails.’
    • ‘I choose to not carry my dumbphone most of the time.’
    • ‘I'm very disappointed that you can't get info on what kind of requirements it carries (will it work with my dumbphone?).’
    • ‘The company is now only selling smartphones on contract, having dumped every last dumbphone from its range.’
    • ‘I currently use a prepaid dumbphone and an iPod touch, but I miss internet when I'm away from wi-fi.’
    • ‘Remember, it was a dumbphone: no apps!’
    • ‘I use a dumbphone these days, as my previous smartphone didn't have the necessary hardware to pick up the 850mhz frequencies supplied here.’
    • ‘However, smartphone prices are plummeting and dumbphones are disappearing, so it makes sense to grab a smartphone with a data plan.’
    • ‘My first mobile phone was a Motorola flip phone in the last 1990s, and I've had a succession of dumbphones since.’
    • ‘Back when we all first starting texting on our dumbphones, the sort of shorthand style that developed was perfectly reasonable.’
    • ‘It suffers from occasional dropped calls and lower reception than other smartphones and most dumbphones.’
    • ‘More and more of us are ditching our dumbphones and adopting smartphones the world over.’


1990s (first referring to a phone used to access the functionality of a more sophisticated system): from dumb and phone (as opposed to smartphone).