Meaning of dumping syndrome in English:

dumping syndrome


mass nounMedicine
  • A group of symptoms, including weakness, abdominal discomfort, and sometimes abnormally rapid bowel evacuation, occurring after meals in some patients who have undergone gastric surgery.

    ‘The patient may experience dumping syndrome as a result of food being advanced rapidly into the jejunum.’
    • ‘A dumping syndrome also may occur with gastric bypass, which includes symptoms of flushing, abdominal pain, and diarrhea after rapid emptying of food into the jejunum.’
    • ‘Patients who choose this procedure generally are very happy with it because the larger meal size is important to them and the absence of dumping syndrome also is relevant.’
    • ‘Vomiting, wound hernia, obstruction, anemia, and dumping syndrome can occur.’
    • ‘Disabling (ie, through pyloroplasty or pyloromyotomy) or bypassing the valve results in dumping syndrome because of unregulated emptying of high solute concentration liquids, specifically sweets, into the small bowel.’