Meaning of duology in English:


Pronunciation /djuːˈɒlədʒi/

nounplural noun duologies

  • A pair of related novels, plays, or films.

    ‘The trilogy and duology achieved integrated plots, but the episodic nature of the season lent it a fractured feel.’
    • ‘My favorite movie of his is Waking Life, though the Before duology has been creeping up.’
    • ‘And now that I am finished with this one, a sequel has taken hold of my imagination, titled Lady Of Monochrome - promising to make this a duology.’
    • ‘A second, unrelated duology followed: The Burning Land and The Awakened City.’
    • ‘Writing "short" is a challenge, but after the sustained effort of my last duology it's also a relief, and I'm enjoying the opportunity to play with different styles, voices, and subjects.’
    • ‘A second fantasy duology, set in the West at the time of Darwin, was World Without End (1995) and Sea Without a Shore (1996).’
    • ‘The first three books published in the Mageworlds series can be thought of as either a trilogy or a stand-alone and a duology.’
    • ‘It's just more or less obvious that the pending duology will be major hits at the box office and earn rivers of cash.’
    • ‘The fight has the most sardonically brutal finale of any in the duology.’
    • ‘The stark stylistic differences between the two volumes is one of the duology's strong points.’
    • ‘It is a flawed but eminently fascinating duology.’
    • ‘I find that I like duologies a lot better than trilogies and quadrilogies so I was wondering if anyone could give me a list of some.’
    • ‘Duologies are a rare occurrence in horror as well as film in general.’
    two, couple, duo, duology, brace, twosome


Mid 19th century from duo- ‘two’, on the pattern of trilogy.