Meaning of dust sheet in English:

dust sheet

Pronunciation /ˈdʌs(t) ʃiːt/

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  • A large sheet for covering furniture or flooring to protect it from dust or while decorating.

    North American term drop cloth

    ‘In January 2002 she tripped on a dust sheet left by decorators breaking her hip.’
    • ‘His desk did not look convincing, and rather than a portrait of Riccardo, to which he directs part of his aria, there was a bronze statue, lying under a dust sheet on a paint-spattered trestle table, which made no sense at all.’
    • ‘It is said one of the builders walked on to scaffolding wearing a white dust sheet as a joke.’
    • ‘Before painting your room place all the furniture in the centre, and cover the floor with a dust sheet.’
    • ‘But now I'm behaving like people did in years gone by, when managing a house was a military operation, when furniture was covered with dust sheets, walls were washed down, floors scrubbed, carpets beaten and chimneys swept.’
    • ‘Workers have also been told to provide their own source of power, use dust sheets to cover furniture and tidy up after themselves - even if it means using a vacuum cleaner.’
    • ‘Inside, dust sheets covered the furniture, pictures hung askew and telephones swung on frayed cables.’
    • ‘Graham had stayed home, emptying out the living room, piling all the furniture in the centre of the room under dust sheets, and starting in on the long, tedious job of stripping wallpaper.’
    • ‘Will they use dust sheets and gloves for upholstered furniture?’
    • ‘Protect all existing work and approaches with boards, dust sheets, etc.’
    • ‘Everything small and breakable must come out, and big objects such as tables and sofas should be grouped together in the centre of the room and covered with dust sheets.’
    • ‘He claimed he had just been carrying some dust sheets and other items and said the scratches were from an altercation in Leeds city centre.’
    • ‘It is also important to remember that sanding will create a great deal of dust and grime so put down dust sheets before you start the job.’
    • ‘Clear as much as you can from the room, cover everything else with dust sheets and wear goggles and a mask while you work.’
    • ‘Large dust sheets covered strangely shaped pieces of furniture, boxes and trunks cluttered up almost every inch of floor space.’
    • ‘Once we'd made it through and crashed down onto the floor of the chilly porch, we could worm our way over and under the chairs and tables and chests, most of them covered with the dust sheets.’
    • ‘The company reckons that all is not quite lost - it can take off the dust sheets and start flogging houses again if a purchaser comes forward.’
    • ‘Scanning the dull, boring room for anything notable, she noticed one blue vase sitting behind a pile of unused dust sheets by the window.’
    • ‘The room is inhabited but looks as if it should really be covered in dust sheets.’
    • ‘You should also purchase dust sheets to cover the carpet or floorboards, masking tape, Polyfilla and white spirits.’