Meaning of dwarfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdwɔːfɪʃ/

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‘There can be few among today's absintheurs whose skills are on a par with this dwarfish playwright, author of Ubu Roi and creator of the monstrous stage figure Pere Ubu.’
  • ‘The intimidating old man stood to his full height, which was tall but nowhere close to Grady's two-meter form, and glowered down at the dwarfish Jerwon.’
  • ‘A small dwarfish creature, largely hidden by rag coverings with a protruding hook of a nose and sparkling yellow eyes emerged from the heavy undergrowth.’
  • ‘In size, fairies were described as dwarfish, and certain deformities such as the absence of a nose would identify these beings.’
  • ‘A dwarfish, funny-looking man dressed in a fine suit leaped down from the driver's seat, smiling like a child.’