Meaning of dyspnoea in English:


Pronunciation /dɪspˈniːə/


(US dyspnea)
mass nounMedicine
  • Difficult or laboured breathing.

    ‘many soldiers presented with acute dyspnoea’
    • ‘A 52 year old woman developed acute dyspnoea and hypoxia two hours after rapid drainage of a large left tuberculous pleural effusion.’
    • ‘Ordinary physical exercise does not cause fatigue, dyspnoea or palpitations’
    • ‘He had noticed increasing exertional dyspnoea and noisy breathing in the two months prior to presentation.’
    • ‘She was admitted to another hospital, where she continued to have shortness of breath and dyspnea.’
    • ‘Acute dyspnea is a common clinical finding in the emergency department and other urgent care locations.’


Mid 17th century via Latin from Greek duspnoia, from dus- ‘difficult’ + pnoē ‘breathing’.