Main meanings of e in English

: e1E2E3


Pronunciation /iː/

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  • 1Euro or euros.

  • 2also e−Chemistry
    An electron.

  • 3eMathematics
    The transcendental number that is the base of Napierian or natural logarithms, approximately equal to 2.71828.

Main meanings of E in English

: e1E2E3


Pronunciation /iː/

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nounplural noun Es, plural noun E's

(also e)
  • 1The fifth letter of the alphabet.

    1. 1.1Denoting the fifth in a set of items, categories, sizes, etc.
    2. 1.2The fifth-highest class of academic mark.
      • ‘in O level about half of those entered obtained D or E grades’
    3. 1.3eChess Denoting the fifth file from the left, as viewed from White's side of the board.
    4. 1.4Denoting the lowest-earning socio-economic category for marketing purposes.
  • 2EA shape like that of a capital E.

    • ‘an E-shaped stately home’
  • 3EMusic
    The third note of the diatonic scale of C major.

    1. 3.1A key based on a scale with E as its keynote.

Main meanings of E in English

: e1E2E3


Pronunciation /iː/

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  • 1East or Eastern.

    • ‘139° E’
  • 2 informal The drug Ecstasy or a tablet of Ecstasy.

    • ‘people have died after taking E’
    • ‘being busted with three Es can lead to stiff penalties’
  • 3in combination Denoting products, in particular food additives, which comply with EU regulations.

    See also E-number

    • ‘the yellow colouring tartrazine (E 102)’
  • 4in combination (in units of measurement) exa- (10¹⁸).

  • 5Spain (international vehicle registration).


    From Spanish España.

  • 1Electric field strength.

  • 2Electromotive force.

  • 3Energy.

    • ‘E = mc²’


    the three Es
    • Economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

      • ‘the research unit examines the effect of the three Es in the provision of social services’