Meaning of e-book in English:


Pronunciation /ˈiːbʊk/

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  • A book in electronic form that can be read on a computer or handheld device rather than in print.

    ‘The file may be read on a personal computer, a personal digital assistant, or on an electronic device designed specifically for reading e-books.’
    • ‘Books in digital format, also known as e-books, can be read on devices lacking the power and screen space to afford a regular Web browser.’
    • ‘Almost everything is available on the web… products, services, e-books, software, audios, videos, membership sites, or newsletters.’
    • ‘I can watch streaming video content on my TV, read an e-book, or listen to music… and I can invite my friends over to watch or listen with me!’
    • ‘Current devices for reading e-books are either too bulky or too expensive or too harsh on the eyeballs.’
    • ‘We all have witnessed the development of copy restriction methods on audio files, videos, e-books and proprietary software.’
    • ‘This directive makes it ‘a criminal offence to break the copy protection or access control systems on digital content such as music, videos, e-books and software’.’
    • ‘Personal digital assistants offer everything, from e-mail, word processing and time and billing to reading e-books and playing games.’
    • ‘I'm sitting here reading an e-book version of Naked Lunch which I downloaded off a file-sharing network.’
    • ‘Even though several dedicated Internet appliances are being designed and built specifically to make e-books attractive to consumers, the broad reading public has yet to be convinced.’
    • ‘It will be important to clarify the privacy and use monitoring issues that surround digital books and e-books in a library context.’
    • ‘They are much easier to read and access than e-books, and they are easy to market.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a main issue for booksellers everywhere continues to be the digitization of everything: e-books, Internet publishing, all that.’
    • ‘Some say it is the publishing industry's greatest work of fiction yet: the suggestion that anybody actually reads e-books.’
    • ‘Users with special needs can benefit from the use of e-books installed on dedicated reading devices.’
    • ‘Shortly after your purchase, this e-book will be sent to you at your e-mail address.’


1980s (in sense ‘device for reading electronic versions of books’): from e-+ book.