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  • another term for electronic cigarette

    ‘For the past six years, a merry band of 'vapers' has been gradually growing, coalescing and spreading the word about their nicotine product of choice: the e-cigarette.’
    • ‘Although it is not marketed as a stop-smoking aid, the vaping community is predominantly made up of people who were, until they started using the e-cigarette, smokers.’
    • ‘Instead of tobacco, the e-cigarette contains a mix of water, nicotine, artificial smoke flavor and propylene glycol, the chemical used in fog-making machines.’
    • ‘She told the Boston Globe that her concern with e-cigarettes is that they mimic smoking.’
    • ‘Furthermore, as there are no butts, e-cigarettes also produce much less litter than regular ones.’
    • ‘I am interested in trying their battery-powered e-cigs.’
    • ‘The company sent samples of both its regular, light, and menthol e-cigs.’
    • ‘In fact, the e-cigs are so realistic-looking, that, when I vaped one in public, a passerby or two admonished me on how bad smoking was for my health!’