Meaning of ear-shattering in English:



  • Extremely loud.

    ‘the ear-shattering noise of military jets taking off’
    • ‘With an ear-shattering explosion, a shell slammed into the middle of our fuselage.’
    • ‘He was referring to the World Cup opening ceremony on Saturday night, where the South African team was greeted with an ear-shattering roar by the capacity crowd.’
    • ‘An ear-shattering scream could be heard a mile away.’
    • ‘But be warned, this is not a gig featuring his usual brand of ear-shattering rock - it's more rootsy, country-based music.’
    • ‘By the time we had all assumed our positions at the back of the sleigh, the frantic huskies had begun to emit ear-shattering howling that shredded the frosty air with primal urgency.’
    • ‘Combined with the darkness, the wetness, the heat, the closeness and the ear-shattering noise of the drills, it was a tough way to earn a living.’
    • ‘The center has been the site of improvised jazz performances and ear-shattering punk rock shows.’
    • ‘The citizens who live along the routes are suffering ear-shattering noise and air toxic with fumes, not to mention shuddering homes as huge freight-laden trucks speed through residential streets.’
    • ‘I hope they also get tough on those who drive with car stereos on full volume and idiots who fit ear-shattering exhausts to their vehicles.’
    • ‘I wasn't listening to it through choice, mind - the girl on the bus in the seat in front had it on her walkman at ear-shattering volume.’