Meaning of earache in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪəreɪk/

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mass noun
  • Pain inside the ear.

    Also called otalgia

    ‘I've got earache’
    • ‘a child complaining of an earache’
    • ‘Strep throat can cause a sore throat, fever, headache, earache, and pain when swallowing.’
    • ‘The child should also be seen if after an initial period of improvement, the symptoms recur or new symptoms such as earache or headache appear.’
    • ‘I've been having an earache and headaches from wearing a couvert headset in one ear, and a hands-free headset for my mobile phone in the other.’
    • ‘Air fresheners and aerosols used in the home can cause diarrhoea and earache in youngsters and depression in their mothers, research suggested today.’
    • ‘This plant is useful for both acute and chronic respiratory diseases, including acute influenza, earache, sinusitis and sore throat.’
    • ‘I also had a sharp pain in the left-hand side of my face, causing headache and earache.’
    • ‘The classic findings of acute otitis media, such as fever and earache, are sometimes absent even in cases confirmed by tympanocentesis.’
    • ‘Glue ear does not usually lead to fever, earache, or pus coming out of the ear.’
    • ‘I also have duller symptoms like a sore throat and earache, and the miserable conviction that this ailment will probably last for my entire holiday.’
    • ‘Her sleep is disturbed with coughing and she has earache.’
    • ‘Most children with persistent earache on day 3 had mild pain, with a mean score of 2.6 on a scale of zero to 10.’
    • ‘Children with glue ear sometimes complain of slight earache.’
    • ‘Paramedics say they are sick of turning up to ‘life or death’ situations, only to find that people dialled emergency services because they have earache or toothache.’
    • ‘‘The pain can be anywhere, though it's usually on the torso or head, and can be misdiagnosed as toothache or earache,’ says Marian.’
    • ‘A tireless voluntary worker died after contracting a deadly form of meningitis - just 12 hours after complaining of earache.’
    • ‘Earache is a fairly common winter complaint.’
    • ‘She treats children with all manner of problems, from earache to hyperactivity, and teaches their parents how to use natural healing techniques to keep them healthy.’
    • ‘My three-year-old daughter suffers with terrible earache.’
    • ‘The earache had gone but the cold was still there.’
    • ‘Parents of children screaming because of earache can find their doctor's resistance to prescribing antibiotics difficult.’