Meaning of early leaver in English:

early leaver

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  • A person who leaves early, especially a person who abandons a pension plan before the expected date.

    ‘The preserved pension for early leavers was, as in the 1989 Rules, dealt with in Rule 8.4.’
    • ‘The schedule deals with the revaluation of pensions of early leavers, that is persons whose pensionable service terminates before normal pension age.’
    • ‘It proposes - for the first time - that minimum levels of pension increase and interest be added to contributions for early leavers.’
    • ‘In my judgment early leavers… or other members of the Scheme, are not in the position of bona fide purchasers.’
    • ‘Subsequent sub-paragraphs set out comparable limits for late and early leavers but it is unnecessary to refer to their details.’
    • ‘The plan includes improved vesting and value of benefits for early leavers by reducing the qualifying period from five to two years.’
    • ‘There are a large number of defined benefit scheme early leavers currently in retirement with frozen benefits and whose income is being eroded by inflation.’