Meaning of earphone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪəfəʊn/

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usually earphones
  • An electrical device worn on the ear to receive radio or telephone communications or to listen to a radio, MP3 player, etc.

    ‘These day's bookmakers tend to use radio communication and earphones to keep things secret, so it's becoming a dying art.’
    • ‘Fans are given small radios with earphones so they can listen to the ESPN commentary.’
    • ‘Some states in the US have already outlawed the use of any kind of earphones and listening devices while driving or riding a bicycle.’
    • ‘The output was recorded on a stereo tape recorder, and they listened in with earphones.’
    • ‘The participants were given a radio set with earphones and frequencies set for each language.’
    • ‘The sound of the dots and dashes of the radio range in my earphones, and the instrument panel was my whole world.’
    • ‘Through a good pair of earphones, I could not believe that this was radio.’
    • ‘After take off she pulled on her earphones and listened to her Walkman and read your book for the entire flight.’
    • ‘When you listen to music with earphones, it allows you to hear the words more clearly.’
    • ‘Silence is observed and any music you bring should be listened to through earphones.’
    • ‘When he had completed his packing, Ian lolled in his striped pyjamas on the bed listening to hospital radio through a pair of battered earphones.’
    • ‘So he hid a set in a false cast on his arm and used the earphone to listen to answers from friends standing outside.’
    • ‘The music pouring from the earphones is loud; we listen in, though we cannot make out the lyrics.’
    • ‘A pair of earphones made it possible to listen to high quality music at any place and at any time, without disturbing others.’
    • ‘Like the defendants many will have to listen to the proceedings in translation through earphones.’
    • ‘She sorted through her wallet, phone, and earphones until she came across a piece of crumpled paper.’
    • ‘Playback itself is fine, though I found the bundle earphones were a little muted in the higher frequencies.’
    • ‘The unit crackled minutely and a faint voice answered, heard only in Matthew's earphones.’
    • ‘He had totally forgotten about the radio earphone, and the voice shocked him.’
    • ‘Sound from the incoming call is sent to both earphones which feels strange for a phone call.’