Meaning of earpiece in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪəpiːs/

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  • 1The part of a phone, radio receiver, or other aural device that is applied to the ear during use.

    ‘And when riders do get away, the others hear all about it in their radio earpieces.’
    • ‘Hands-free earpieces for cellphones do not necessarily cut the brain's exposure to microwaves’
    • ‘Just plug in the phone earpiece and then jot down notes easily on the hybrid device.’
    • ‘The product allows the wearer to hear a two-way radio or cell phone through a wireless earpiece.’
    • ‘If the bid is successful, investigators will be able to tail suspects by using sophisticated video cameras, radios and earpieces.’
    • ‘One young man monitoring police frequencies on a futuristic little radio communicates to organizers via an earpiece attached to a cell phone.’
    • ‘Students work in groups and ask questions aloud, receiving information through earpieces that feed constant information and personalized entertainment upon request.’
    • ‘His voice echoed in the telephone's earpiece, ‘What happened, did you finally get to meet them?’’
    • ‘You need to attach the earpiece to get the radio to play, but you can also choose to ‘turn on the speaker’ if you want to share your music.’
    • ‘If you dial a call on your cell phone, the earpiece cuts in on the call automatically.’
    • ‘For example, a wireless link between a cell phone and an earpiece supporting an audio link is currently available in the marketplace.’
    • ‘When it received text messages, a text-to-speech synthesiser played them into an earpiece.’
    • ‘‘This changes nothing,’ Fields' raspy voice crackled in Aaron's earpiece over the radio.’
    • ‘Ari inserted his tiny radio earpiece and donned his helmet.’
    • ‘The earpiece on his cell phone had rattled with the shout.’
    • ‘My only gripe about this phone is it does not have a loudspeaker function for hands-free calling without using a earpiece.’
    • ‘We were unofficially escorted from block to block, never seeming to be out of sight of someone with a radio and earpiece.’
    • ‘Allison received the transmission through her tiny earpiece.’
    • ‘This means plugging an extension into the mobile phone and using an earpiece and a microphone.’
    • ‘The use of radios is forbidden, except with the use of earpieces.’
    handset, apparatus
  • 2The part of a pair of glasses that fits around the ear.

    ‘In the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons of England is a silver nose, painted pink, affixed to a pair of wire earpieces.’
    • ‘Mrs. D. wanted me to take my glasses on and off, chew on the earpieces, essentially turn them into a prop.’
    • ‘I closed my eyes and took off my glasses, my hand automatically hooking the earpiece on the pocket of my coat.’