Meaning of earth-born in English:



  • (of a human being, typically in contrast to a divine or alien being) born on earth; mortal.

    ‘The earth-born brothers died at each other's hands, and fell as in civil war.’
    • ‘Does God Himself not allow us Earth-born humans into His home, into His kingdom?’
    • ‘When the earth-born giant Typhoeus suddenly appeared, it startled all the gods into taking on different forms to flee the area.’
    • ‘He raised his sharp sword against one of his earth-born brothers nearby, then, himself, fell to a spear thrown from far off.’
    • ‘A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a classic of science fiction and black comedy, follows the adventures of its earth-born hero as he hitchhikes through space.’
    • ‘Was it not here, that the earth-born gods spent their peaceful days?’
    • ‘Though you are but an earth-born child, I like to remember the little poem that tells how some of you came from the sky.’
    • ‘Sita, heroine of the Ramayana, is earth-born and coloured like the golden soil of India.’
    • ‘How an Earth-born human got to be that old, and how he found himself in the position of savior for this inalterably alien world is the story told in the three previous novels.’
    • ‘They were thus enabled to approach much nearer, than could earth-born man, to the great Father of lights.’
    • ‘Athena gave earth-born Erechthonius two snakes when she handed him to the daughters of Aglauros to look after.’
    • ‘The crew is evenly split between Earth-born personnel who believe they have an obligation to quell the recent violence and bring lasting peace to their home world, and non-Earth-born personnel.’
    • ‘He was under constant attack from "viper wolves," which look like wolves but are far faster and deadlier than any earthborn species.’
    • ‘We cannot risk Earthborn micro-organisms contaminating and possibly damaging the first nonterrestrial creatures we encounter.’
    • ‘Through its improbably happy ending, the Athenians can retain their special 'earthborn' status and claim ancestral authority over all Ionians.’
    perishable, physical, bodily, corporeal, fleshly, corporal, earthly