Meaning of earth mover in English:

earth mover



  • A vehicle or machine designed to excavate large quantities of soil.

    ‘Almost every boy has dreamt of driving a bulldozer or operating a big crane or pressing the pedal to the metal of an earth mover the size of a house.’
    • ‘Did you see what the earth mover did to manipulate the ground?’
    • ‘On Tuesday morning when I passed the spot on the other side of the carriageway I saw an earth mover and a gang at work to restore the caved in road and fill up the potholes.’
    • ‘When the firm started the project in May last year, it ripped up the footpath so its lorries and earth movers could move around the site.’
    • ‘By the mid-'80s, the mountains just north of Los Angeles where the Steel Challenge had always been held were falling prey to the bulldozers and earth movers of housing developers.’
    • ‘We'll move our bulldozers, motor graders and earth movers to the spot within a week to start cleaning the 40-50 km basin area, " Brig.’
    • ‘The earth movers are towering, terrifying machines, bigger than most of the concrete shanty houses they were sent in to destroy.’
    • ‘The contractors have been hired, the designs are being finalised, and the earth movers are ready to roll in at the end of the month.’
    • ‘New machinery dug, drilled, pumped, and clawed underground, and many mines began using large-scale earth movers to strip the hillsides above the mine seams.’
    • ‘The boom in mining around the world has boosted the company's exports of its gargantuan trucks and earth movers.’
    • ‘They've got a whole lot of earth movers here and they're just gently digging away at the edges of that pile of rubble.’
    • ‘There's just a wonderful sense of elation now that it's actually happening, the big earth movers are out there, it's just wonderful.’
    • ‘To the west are half-built houses and idle earth movers.’
    • ‘Construction has begun, and residents would have noticed a large sandy scar and earth movers at the entrance to the mansion, on Oxford Road.’
    • ‘Despite the yellow earth movers, the leveling and raising and moving and building, she stayed.’