Meaning of earthfall in English:


Pronunciation /ˈəːθfɔːl/


  • A collapse of a mass of earth from a mountain or cliff.

    ‘Rounded natural steps led to the top of the Divide on the southern side where the earthfall had originated.’
    • ‘This first description of knee dislocation involved a patient who was a miner and injured his knee in an earthfall.’
    • ‘The Marine platoon on Vegas, near Bunker Hill, took cover in its last remaining bunker as shells rained down, and then was sealed in by an earthfall.’
    • ‘These portals lead to subterranean passages that pass deep into the hillside, some of which have been blocked by earthfalls.’
    • ‘Very heavy rainfall may lead to flash floods in small watercourses, causing rapid bank erosion and many small landslides and earthfalls.’
    landslip, rockfall, mudslide, earthslip, earthfall