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usually the east
  • 1The direction towards the point of the horizon where the sun rises at the equinoxes, on the right-hand side of a person facing north, or the point on the horizon itself.

    ‘a gale was blowing from the east’
    • ‘the Atlantic Ocean to the east of Florida’
    • ‘To the east of the road rise the lower slopes of a mountain range dominated by no less than seven Munros, the highest group of hills in Britain south of Tayside.’
    • ‘From the patio where I work I have a view of the bay of Cassis and the beautiful cliffs that rise to the east of it.’
    • ‘You know, Mojave is north and to the east of Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The mountain was actually directly to the east of Torat, which was an island.’
    • ‘Subduction also takes place to the east of the South Sandwich Islands, which are found in the South Atlantic.’
    • ‘Roads in the north of the county, particularly to the east of the A1, were worst affected and some needed to be cleared by snow ploughs.’
    • ‘The other three main rooms were on the other side of the upstairs hallway, to the east of it.’
    • ‘You would expect the higher amounts to be right here and just to the east of here.’
    • ‘We are looking due south right now, and you can see how the clouds are wisping up towards the north and towards the east.’
    • ‘Well, the devastation to the east of Mississippi is mind-blowing.’
    • ‘The new bridge will be built to the east of the home.’
    • ‘There is a trail beginning just to the east of the mini-rail.’
    • ‘The savings, though still dramatic, are not quite so big when it comes to the east of Scotland, where property prices are, of course, much higher.’
    • ‘Often when I've finished my errands and am heading home I drive through the park just to the east of our townhouse.’
    • ‘We had hoped, from Pevek, to reach Cape Schmidt, another loss-making gold town to the east.’
    • ‘For example, populations in the wetter regions west of the Rocky Mountains are different than those in drier regions to the east.’
    • ‘Government forces look set to retake rebel-held towns in the east.’
    • ‘John Bell came into town from the east with the sun behind him.’
    • ‘It connects the castle and its adjoining Katsuyama Park with the city's traditional retail district to the east.’
    • ‘The vegetables sold in the capital are hauled in from farmlands that surround the city and from Nangarhar province to the east.’
    1. 1.1The compass point corresponding to east.
      ‘The prime meridian is the line that separates geographic east from west on the globe.’
      • ‘When that happens, the Sun is rising due east, setting due west, and daylight lasts as long as night.’
  • 2The eastern part of the world or of a specified country, region, or town.

    ‘a factory in the east of the city’
    • ‘Plans to build 750 extra homes took a step forward after district councillors formally adopted a development brief for the east of the town.’
    • ‘The sun had started to show its tip upon the east of the town by the time the three had settled down to finally rest.’
    • ‘The reason for the council's new move is its bid to make Colchester the best looking town in the east of England.’
    • ‘The district in the east of the city centre is shrugging off its rundown industrial image to become a boom area for city centre living.’
    • ‘‘I have spent the last year at the helm in Hull and have successfully launched Look North's news service for the east of the region,’ Clare said.’
    • ‘They are currently organising a regional seminar for the east of the country.’
    • ‘To many poor regions in the east and south of the continent, they did not come at all until the nineteenth or even the twentieth century.’
    • ‘Korca is a city located in the east of Albania close to the border of Greece.’
    • ‘In the east of the city, flags flew at half-mast to mark his passing.’
    • ‘The longest stretch of preserved wall is at Mühlenstrasse, in the east of the city.’
    • ‘Wedged into two small rooms, in a fading, old municipal building in the east of London, is the latest hi-tech crucible dedicated to bringing access to the film world closer to inner city kids.’
    • ‘Eighty-one of these fines, imposed under the Litter Pollution Act, were issued in the west of the county, while 51 were issued in the east of the county.’
    • ‘I'm sorry to have to say so, but it seems true that the county roads in the vicinity of Dungarvan are to a much higher standard than similar routes in the east of the county!’
    • ‘In this configuration, one power has become dominant in each of the East and West.’
    • ‘At this point almost total disaster struck as barbarians attacked in both East and West.’
    • ‘Through the ages in East and West, many different ontologies have been put forward.’
    • ‘It has helped us to go beyond thinking in contrastive pairs us and them, East and West.’
    • ‘Beria was just one more victim of the rigid division of Europe between East and West.’
    • ‘Consumers from the East have always tackled common ailments through what they eat.’
    • ‘It was part of the Silk Route, a major trading pathway between the East and Europe.’
    1. 2.1the EastThe regions or countries lying to the east of Europe, especially China, Japan, and India.
      • ‘the protection of trade routes to the East’
      the Orient
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    2. 2.2the East historical The former communist states of eastern Europe.
      ‘the centrally planned system of the East’
      • ‘Finally, the material plenty of the West appeared in sharp contrast to the depravity of the East.’
      • ‘Hitler made it very clear that war in the East was to be like no other war fought by Germany.’
  • 3EastBridge
    The player sitting to the left of North and partnering West.

    ‘East passes and you respond one heart’
    • ‘West would follow with a higher card and East would then have played two trumps to West's one.’


  • 1Lying towards, near, or facing the east.

    ‘the hospital's east wing’
    • ‘Winds have pushed the east flank of the fire towards Big Bear Lake.’
    • ‘It was situated on the east bank where the river entered the great lake, Tallian.’
    • ‘I entered the United Methodist Church on the far east side of Alexandria.’
    • ‘Some gardeners claim seeds start best in east windows; others say south, but the truth is no window is ideal.’
    • ‘She passed the windows by the east courtyard and paused to look out.’
    • ‘She walked over and peered out the east windows to where the horse barn had been.’
    • ‘One day while out in the parking lot, the director happened to glance up at the east window.’
    • ‘Madagascar is the world's 4th largest island, just a bit larger than California and situated just off the east coast of Africa.’
    • ‘The south and east regions are crucial to the development of the entire country and part of where we are going in the future.’
    • ‘The B.C. Forest Service has begun granting private companies logging rights for areas of the Blue Mountain region along the east shore of Alouette Lake.’
    • ‘At Dolly's Restaurant on the east edge of town, the shift manager was hoping the news wasn't true.’
    • ‘As we stood overlooking the east end of town, tourists milling around us, the muezzin of a mosque down in the valley began his call to prayer.’
    • ‘The under-15s won the event by beating the east region 25-15 in the final.’
    • ‘The Old Montana Prison can be reached by taking Deer Lodge exit 187 off Interstate go and following the road to the east edge of town.’
    • ‘He said the company wanted the tower on the east side of town, to improve cell phone reception in the town, as well as those travelling on Hwy. 1.’
    • ‘The end of the day finds us at the supermarket on the east edge of town, where a second glance brings an amazing discovery.’
    • ‘Eskimo's place was located right across from mine on the east end of town.’
    • ‘The first is the immediate pressure to reform power structures in the troubled north Caucasus, Volga and far east regions.’
    • ‘The irrigation rig north of town on the east side of Highway E is spraying canning factory waste-water today.’
    • ‘Adrian had only been in the south, west, and east regions, so, her journey was especially risky as she was not familiar with the territory.’
    1. 1.1(of a wind) blowing from the east.
      ‘a biting east wind’
      • ‘Leaning against the rail, she let the east wind blow into her face.’
      • ‘Then there are winter days when the east wind blows, scouring the sky of clouds and freezing the dunes hard as marble.’
      • ‘In the past the water discoloured after three days of the east wind blowing.’
      • ‘A stiff east breeze blowing across the field helped to keep the crowd - and the fielders - cool as the match started in extremely hot conditions.’
      • ‘For two weeks we had a black frost day and night with a strong east wind and then on February 2nd, when everywhere was bone dry at 3pm, the snow started to fall.’
      • ‘This is because the prevailing east wind continues to stack drifting weeds against the exposed rocks.’
      • ‘The clouds do start early and there is a strong east wind so it is confusing thinking about how to handle the task.’
      • ‘Right now there is just a cold east wind and fine needles of falling rain.’
      • ‘Two inlets on either side of this caused some problems, along with that persistent east wind before the storm finally got here.’
      • ‘The east wind was very quiet, almost remorseful.’
      • ‘The east wind settled down a bit to 10 mph and we decide to run away from it anyway.’
      • ‘The cove nestles under high cliffs and is protected from all but east winds.’
      • ‘The east winds are strong on the coast at the buoy's, but it sure looks like it will be lighter inland.’
      • ‘On a blustery morning in March, a biting east wind carrying intimations of snow, a few hardy cranespotters have gathered at the summit of Arthur's Seat to count the current crop.’
      • ‘Driven by a penetrating east wind, it drifted until every hollow and depression was filled and the landscape assumed the appearance of a vast white prairie.’
      • ‘The morning was cold and grey, with a cutting east wind.’
      • ‘That was replaced by a dry east wind that brought colder but still sunny weather and early morning frosts.’
      • ‘A cuckoo called, and swallows swooped low in east winds sucked dry by the hot land.’
      • ‘Strong east winds to near tropical storm force have pushed water up to four to six feet above normal levels there.’
      • ‘Over the next 24 hours, temperatures will rise no higher than 3 deg C but the chilly north east winds will make it feel more like minus 5 deg C.’
      eastern, easterly, eastwardly, oriental
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    2. 1.2Situated in the part of a church containing the altar or high altar, usually the actual east.
      ‘the liturgical east window is actually in the south wall’
      • ‘It was believed that the east window of the church dated back to the Reformation period.’
      • ‘All this glass almost certainly came from the east chancel window, in the tracery lights of which the Lovell arms were to be seen until recently.’
      • ‘There is an inscription to Frances Matthew beside the great east window of the Minster.’
      • ‘It took ten years to build and has a stained-glass east window that must be seen if in the area.’
      • ‘It will cost an estimated £65,000 to repair the fragile east window at All Saints parish church in Otley but churchgoers fear it may be lost unless the money is raised soon.’
      • ‘It still stands there flush against the east church wall.’
      • ‘The repair and conservation of the east front includes the removal and restoration of the great east window - the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, by 1405, the east window was ready to receive its stained glass.’
      • ‘That may have been a baptistery, with the tower serving as nave and the lost east annexe as chancel.’
      • ‘View the beautiful east window and soak up the sense of history at Carlisle Cathedral, where there are many historical points of interest.’
  • 2Of or denoting the eastern part of a specified region, town, or country.

    ‘East Fife’
    • ‘East African’
    • ‘In the summer we would head back to east Cork to the town of Castlemartyr, which was the home of Coláiste Ultáin where my father himself had been educated.’
    • ‘The Killarney electoral area, which takes in the town and rural east Kerry, is perhaps the most competitive in Kerry this time.’
    • ‘The first port of call was set to be Eastlea Community School in Canning Town, east London.’
    • ‘Born and reared in the east Alabama town of Oxford, the Navy veteran and ex-radio deejay had fashioned a career out of controversy and race baiting.’
    • ‘However, outside of Africa, the major regions of Europe, east Asia, and the Americas exhibit three different patterns.’
    • ‘I just tell myself I've been in hotter places growing up in the east Texas town of Jefferson.’
    • ‘He was born in Flint in east Michigan, a town famed as the site of General Motors, the automobile company.’
    • ‘What follows is the account of a boy living in a rural east Texas town.’
    • ‘Earlier this week the health secretary took a tube from Westminster to Canning Town in east London.’
    • ‘He said there is one factory alone in Kildare town employs 100 east European contract workers.’
    • ‘But evangelical storefront churches in east London are growing, seemingly at exponential rates.’
    • ‘The cathedral is the mother church of the diocese of Chelmsford which has more than 600 churches throughout Essex and east London.’
    • ‘THE O'Neill family took the long way to church in east Belfast last Wednesday.’
    • ‘While this may appear to be cause for despair, many in east Asia actually responded to this analysis not by giving up, but by advocating new and creative doctrines.’
    • ‘Outdoor education is one of the biggest uses of greenspace in and near south east Queensland.’
    • ‘At the time, we were staying in Chilla village, near Trilokpuri in east Delhi.’
    • ‘Also moving towards east Texas now are five disaster medical teams.’
    • ‘Permission has been secured for an extension to a mine near New Cumnock in east Ayrshire where 100 jobs will be maintained and an additional 1m tons extracted.’
    • ‘Typical of Finland's top-end traditional small ski resorts is the remote and charming Salla, which lies in the forests of east Lapland, towards the Russian border.’
    • ‘By the time the tsunami had travelled 3,500 miles and was nearing the coast of east Africa, news of the dreadful toll in Asia had preceded it.’


  • To or towards the east.

    ‘travelling east, he met two men’
    • ‘the river rises east of Brentford’
    • ‘The corridor begins ~ 4.5 km east of Bloomington and runs east past Nashville.’
    • ‘Rough weather tends to follow my travels east into Louisiana.’
    • ‘Our friend who moved to California in May for a new job has quit the job and headed back east.’
    • ‘He leveled off on the top of the clouds at 4500 feet and headed due east.’
    • ‘And he lies facing east anticipating a resurrection towards the rising sun, which is a symbol of Christ.’
    • ‘Less than an hour's drive east near the coast, and you can see what rail is up against.’
    • ‘A tear falls down her cheek and Faramir says he will get her a window looking east.’
    • ‘We stood in the street looking east at the smoke.’
    • ‘Operation Steel Curtain that we've been telling you about all week, now having secured the city of Husaybah, is moving east to the town of Karabala.’
    • ‘I have seen it happen more than once that a long line of vehicles heading east and west will form when they have to stop at knock off hour.’
    • ‘For many New Yorkers and tourists, Avenue A is a boundary line, east of which they will not cross.’
    • ‘Furthermore, only 600 Chinese ships will be able to fish east of the line at one time.’
    • ‘The squall line was rapidly moving east and I had to come up with another plan quickly.’
    • ‘The Balkan peninsula lies east of Italy and west of Turkey and the Black Sea.’
    • ‘The craft was moving fairly slow coming from the west and heading east.’
    • ‘Inside, the statue sits in the west facing east because it is an Amitabha, Buddha of the Western Paradise.’
    • ‘Eventually, the papers would get caught up by the wind and carried east, away from us.’
    • ‘In the new location, the portal was turned 180 degrees since the present church faces east, while its predecessor faced west.’
    • ‘She pointed to the back window, which faced east.’
    • ‘It cleared the fence and flew east, towards the rising white sun, its long legs trailing like ribbons.’
    to the east, eastward, eastwards, eastwardly
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Old English ēast-, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch oost and German ost, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin aurora, Greek auōs ‘dawn’.