Meaning of easy-peasy in English:


Pronunciation /iːzɪˈpiːzi/

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informal British
  • Very straightforward and easy (used by or as if by children)

    • ‘easy-peasy questions’
    • ‘they insist the new tax forms are easy-peasy’
    • ‘For me, to pose nude was easy-peasy because I've been filmed naked before onscreen, so to pose behind a cider press was fine.’
    • ‘One of the 35 children learning to cook the easy-peasy way, Adam is mastering the art of making and - best of all - tasting shortbread.’
    • ‘And then there's me, being pleasantly surprised that I can still swim quite easily, even though I'm only mid-way up the easy-peasy pool.’
    • ‘If a round of golf is a good walk spoiled, then lugging around a golfer's bag of clubs and assorted paraphernalia makes Sisyphus's task look like an easy-peasy ramble over the hills.’
    • ‘I need somewhere easy-peasy to get to, because I know from experience that if people have to actually look in an A-Z they won't come.’
    • ‘At 33, he is making almost any aspect of business look easy-peasy.’
    • ‘Everything else is easy-peasy but minor roads, i.e. roads where people live… well, I can see one or two problems there.’
    • ‘When I started doing this, I thought, easy-peasy, but it's actually quite difficult.’
    • ‘Laura is very kind and offers some alternatives: easy-peasy versions for beginners like me.’
    • ‘What look like easy-peasy art works made from a bunch of stuff you could buy at the store are in fact full of meaning and philosophical import.’
    • ‘Working out the secret recipe ‘known only to six people ‘was easy-peasy.’’
    • ‘Once I realised that the trick lies in swirling the pan as soon as the mixture is poured in, making a circular pancake was easy-peasy from there onwards.’
    • ‘If you've done all your research, and you're familiar with someone's work and life, then being a pop writer and interviewer is easy-peasy.’
    • ‘He also informs us that including some form of encryption on SIM cards is easy-peasy.’
    • ‘Here you can see the real talent and precision of a company who make the physically challenging look easy-peasy.’
    • ‘The self-installation kits were easy-peasy to use, and the cable modem makes the Internet as fast as DSL.’
    • ‘Oh, I know the very point of baking-mixes is to make your life easy-peasy, but still, they never fail to fill me with wonder and awe, as if I was witnessing some form of magic.’
    • ‘Grilling is done on a wire rack similar to a cake cooler which is placed over the coals - easy-peasy except there are some dishes which will appeal more than others.’
    • ‘Having so many brothers in football, I can get dirt and grass and blood stains out easy-peasy.’
    uncomplicated, not difficult, undemanding, unexacting, unchallenging, effortless, painless, trouble-free, facile, simple, straightforward, elementary, idiot-proof, plain sailing


1950s reduplication of easy.