Meaning of eat someone up in English:

eat someone up

phrasal verb

  • Dominate the thoughts of someone completely.

    ‘he sits thinking about everything that could go wrong and it just eats him up’
    • ‘I'm eaten up with guilt’
    • ‘If I go through the rest of my life hating the people who killed my son and letting that eat me up and destroy me, that will happen to my children too.’
    • ‘You want to be there the whole time, it just eats you up inside when you're not there.’
    • ‘Yet, finally her inner loneliness is eating her up, the feeling that she belongs nowhere, an outcast among the outcastes.’
    • ‘‘If you take it too seriously it's going to eat you up,’ the Brisbane swimmer said.’
    • ‘I've been sober for ten years, had small children and know the guilt and how that can eat you up so hang in there.’
    • ‘It's important that when you're not working you live a life, because it can eat you up inside and you just do job after job after job.’
    • ‘That's not something I'm proud of, not something I'd not dearly love to change someday, not something that doesn't quietly eat me up.’
    • ‘That would be too much of a luxury, besides, guilt would eat me up.’
    • ‘The guilt continued to grow and eat me up inside for all the innocent beings I had been part of killing for so long.’
    • ‘I didn't want hate to eat me up - I didn't want to become a man-basher or hate a whole religion because of one monk.’
    absorb, preoccupy, engross