Meaning of eatery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈiːtəri/

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  • A restaurant or cafe.

    • ‘As with Chinese restaurants, most Indian eateries were community cafes down by the docks.’
    • ‘The resort has a vast selection of restaurants and eateries, serving French, Italian, American and Indian cuisine.’
    • ‘Hotels, ski shops and a couple of restaurants and eateries are built at the bottom and adjacent to the main run.’
    • ‘Dorothy's Diner was the only eatery in town, and exactly where Seth had always taken her on their dates.’
    • ‘Gourmet eateries occupy a food court next to a gigantic produce section.’
    • ‘The Health authorities should crack down on hotels, teashops and other eateries and ensure hygiene in such places.’
    • ‘As predicted last year, there was huge influx of new eateries, food courts, and bars in the past 12 months.’
    • ‘The place is looked after well with public restrooms, rustic eateries and a good transport network.’
    • ‘Even then, he dreamed about working in the restaurant industry and owning his own eatery.’
    • ‘This eatery is the ultimate contemporary Irish restaurant without the usual high prices.’
    • ‘The eatery is divided into four sections, the bar, cafe, dining room and a small private room.’
    • ‘The four are visiting restaurants, pubs and other eateries and printing hard-hitting reviews on the web.’
    • ‘Villagers have poured in on either side of the debate over whether to allow the new eatery to open next to the existing Evergreen takeaway in Fawley.’
    • ‘We were at Mason's Bistro Bar, the smart eatery that has replaced the Blue Minelle on Fossgate.’
    • ‘We found the mall to have no central food court, just a poor selection of eateries scattered around the complex.’
    • ‘A new tea room is about to join the ranks of prestige eateries in Leigh.’
    • ‘The eatery was wholly occupied on the weekend night we visited.’
    • ‘After buying her clothes she went to the eatery and sat down for lunch.’
    • ‘Others said that it was an eatery for Freemasons and masters of industry.’
    • ‘Indian consumers have proved to be very attached to the freshly cooked variety, whether homemade or at an eatery.’