Meaning of echoic in English:


Pronunciation /ɛˈkəʊɪk/

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  • 1Of or like an echo.

    ‘the echoic rooms of the old manor house’
    • ‘Their voices are filtered to sound electronically echoic.’
    • ‘And at its best, its writing has the lyricism of Keats, the precision of Williams, or the echoic qualities of haiku.’
    • ‘Accordingly, when encountering an ironic text such as Map's, the reader must first recognize that an ironic utterance is an echoic interpretation (literal or nonliteral) of a preceding proposition.’
    • ‘The ironic echoic utterances examined here convey, in their own unusual way, many of the common charges made against the late twelfth-century reformers and the Cistercian order in particular.’
    • ‘‘Dragonfly’ features the wistful accordion that characterized Amélie and scattered echoic guitars.’
    • ‘In this instance, the irony is only comprehensible when it is perceived as a contemptuous echoic interpretation of our God's words.’
    • ‘Dialogue is always clear, at times, cavernous and echoic (merely how the show was recorded), and mixed very naturally and neutral.’
    • ‘He spoke, his voice melodic and echoic, ‘She's beautiful, Audrey, just like her mother.’’
    • ‘In addition, Wilson and Sperber also suggest that ironic, echoic utterances share many characteristics with indirect quotations.’
    • ‘The thief pulled back his hand to smash the glass but heard any eerie echoic voice say,‘I wouldn't do that if I were you’.’
    • ‘The Dolby Digital 1.0 mono sounds much better than the 2.0 faux stereo that carries an unwanted echoic effect.’
    • ‘Is this why Arun Kolatkar's verse is intense, stark, echoic, potent?’
    1. 1.1Linguistics Representing a sound by imitation.
      ‘There are a plethora of echoic sounds which pupils may brain storm and then use those selected to write poetry.’
      • ‘Like Standard English crick-crack, which represents a repeated sharp sound, the synonymous crickety-crick is echoic.’
      • ‘With a little thought, one can make an astonishingly long list of imitative or echoic words.’
      imitative, unoriginal, uninventive, non-innovative, unimaginative, uninspired