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  • A person actively involved in preventing damage to the environment.

    ‘I am aware that today's most effective eco-warriors all pack cell phones.’
    • ‘And they are not the treehugging eco-warriors who spend their Saturdays sweeping up litter on motorways, as one might expect.’
    • ‘They are giving the eco-warriors all the support they can and are fighting the proposal with all the resources at their disposal.’
    • ‘Further north, temporary bridges and haul roads near Rye Loaf hill have already been built where eco-warriors once defied the authorities from a dozen tree-houses in protest against the threat to Bingley Bog.’
    • ‘From the recycled packaging that wasn't actually necessary in the first place to the oil companies who boast of how environmentally responsible they are, the virtuous rhetoric of the eco-warrior is everywhere.’
    • ‘The sun is a nuclear-driven fireball - but speak the taboo statement that nuclear fuel is the only truly sustainable source of energy and one gets shouted down with howls of derision by less well-informed eco-warriors.’
    • ‘Disaffected eco-warriors around the world can now learn the lessons of a decade of resistance from Faslane Peace Camp and other UK protest sites, as a tunnel-builder's guide is published on the internet.’
    • ‘Instead, the big corporations and their political allies have - brilliantly - manipulated the forces that the eco-warriors themselves unleashed and turned them back on their creators.’
    • ‘Illustrations for The Monkey Wrench Gang, a 1986 book about a fictional group of eco-warriors, appear alongside autobiographical strips done for The New Yorker.’
    • ‘I hear the eco-warriors cry - but they haven't taken into account the energy costs and chemicals involved in their laundering, not to mention the prospect of persuading the wife to use them!’
    • ‘The conclusion we came to is that the paramilitary style of these eco-warriors results really in just a tiny, tiny number of patrols in a tiny piece of one national park.’
    • ‘Is it about using our purses genuinely to do our bit, or are we just jumping on a conscience-cleansing soapbox already over-populated by celebrities and eco-warriors?’
    • ‘The idea that it is not enough for firms to make money for their owners is one that you might expect to be an article of faith among anti-globalists and eco-warriors.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the eco-warriors of Greenpeace have issued dire warnings about looting at the Tuwaitha nuclear facility south-east of Baghdad over the past year.’
    • ‘A few years back Greenpeace occupied Rockall for more than a month, and we're obliged to those intrepid eco-warriors for their help and advice in putting together our plan.’
    • ‘Later in the series, David meets eco-warriors and an earnest teenage girl who is campaigning against the local chemical plant, which she blames for her brother's death.’
    • ‘Just who do these obsessive eco-warriors in London think they represent?’
    • ‘Also demonstrating were Kurds, trade unionists, eco-warriors, socialists, anarchists and communists.’
    • ‘Experiments are about to begin on a new form of nuclear power that even eco-warriors might tolerate - if not welcome.’
    • ‘But the eco-warriors who opposed the controversial second runway can relax.’