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Pronunciation /ˈiːkəʊˌsɪstɪm/

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  • 1Ecology
    A biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

    ‘the marine ecosystem of the northern Gulf had suffered irreparable damage’
    • ‘However, common species play pivotal roles in ecosystems, providing habitats and food for our fauna.’
    • ‘However, there is also substitutability between organisms in an ecosystem.’
    • ‘That was the first time I got to spend a lot of intimate time in a marine ecosystem.’
    • ‘Some people apply different rules to aquatic ecosystems compared to terrestrial ecosystems.’
    • ‘These species effects are often as strong as, or stronger than, the direct effects of environment on ecosystems.’
    living things, living beings, living creatures, the living
    1. 1.1(in general use) a complex network or interconnected system.
      ‘Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial ecosystem’
      • ‘the entire ecosystem of film and video production will eventually go digital’
      • ‘We also need a greater understanding of corporate governance within the whole ecosystem.’
      • ‘In an economy, government laws and government programs are part of the ecosystem.’
      • ‘Perhaps the most important thing for any smartphone is the ecosystem that grows up around it.’
      • ‘Our members cannot continue to innovate and invest in the shadow of an illegal peer-to-peer ecosystem.’
      • ‘And Apple would have to compete more on features and price than the exclusive access its devices have to its online retail ecosystem.’
      • ‘But large audiences won't save an ecosystem in which costs are high and advertising has plunged.’
      • ‘This is too simple and doesn't address the complexity of the business ecosystem.’
      • ‘The ecosystem of the mobile phone is a unique economy in its own right, in which consumers merge with producers fired by something the web never had: a simple micropayments system.’
      • ‘My focus is on healthcare systems in east Africa, in particular mapping out the ecosystem for healthcare products and services for low-income consumers.’
      • ‘Security threats can come from any point in a business' ecosystem of internal and external contacts.’
      • ‘Smartbooks could take off if the software ecosystem surrounding Linux operating systems were to expand, he said.’
      • ‘Successful entrepreneurs who are willing to invest time and money to support the next generation of start-ups are a vital part of the ecosystem and very complementary to the established venture capital funds.’
      • ‘Earlier this year, in talking about the changing nature of sports reporting, one of the things we mentioned was that you shouldn't count out players themselves as a part of that ecosystem, since they could now go direct to fans themselves, without having to talk through a reporter.’
      • ‘The introduction of this and other electric vehicles will require a vast ecosystem of entrepreneurial businesses.’
      • ‘In their ecosystem - the one that drives 85% + of all search traffic on the web - there are guidelines, best practices, rules and regulations.’