Meaning of ecotage in English:



mass noun
  • Sabotage carried out for ecological reasons.

    ‘The media coined the phrase ‘eco-terrorism,’ but some activists prefer ‘ecotage’ (a variation on sabotage) or ‘direct action.’’
    • ‘With dozens of cases of ‘ecotage’ amounting to tens of millions of dollars in damages, the FBI has publicly denounced the ELF as ‘the nation's most dangerous domestic terror organisation.’’
    • ‘When he hears about an act of ecotage - a firebombing or fur protest, for instance - he'll call up the victimized company or local police agency and let them know he has information that might prove useful.’
    • ‘As ecotage, this is far more cold and calculating than the Merry Pranksterish ethos of Clausen's dread nemesis, Earth First!’
    wrecking, deliberate damage, vandalism, destruction, obstruction, disruption, crippling, impairment, incapacitation



/ˈiːkəʊtɑː(d)ʒ/ /ˈɛkəʊtɑː(d)ʒ/


1970s blend of ecological (see ecology) and sabotage.