Meaning of ecotone in English:



  • A region of transition between two biological communities.

    ‘ecotones between two habitats are often richer in species than either’
    • ‘Belt transects or strip transects have traditionally been used to study transitions between community types, such as the ecotone between a forested community and the grassy vegetation in a forest opening.’
    • ‘Tigers thrive in the areas known as ecotones that exist between cultivation and dense forest.’
    • ‘The apparent importance of ecotones in defining habitat quality for Northern Spotted Owls in northwestern California is based on long-term observational data.’
    • ‘This migratory species is especially vulnerable to flooding because of its ground foraging ecology, but little is known about patterns of habitat occupancy at wetland ecotones.’
    • ‘I relocated white-footed mice from high-quality, oak-dominated hardwood and lower quality, white pine forests to novel sites and released them along the ecotone of these two habitat types.’



/ˈiːkə(ʊ)təʊn/ /ˈɛkə(ʊ)təʊn/


Early 20th century from eco- + Greek tonos ‘tension’.