Meaning of ectoparasitic in English:




See ectoparasite

‘Nesting cavities of birds and mammals host a distinctive and varied ectoparasitic fauna where the nest material provides the key microhabitat in which free-ranging ectoparasites find refuge and reproduce.’
  • ‘Sea lice are ectoparasitic marine crustacea which eat the membrane, skin and blood of their host.’
  • ‘In the present study, we measure infection of the ectoparasitic louse, Myrsidea ptilonorhynchi, in individual male satin bowerbirds both as juveniles and nine or more years later as adults.’
  • ‘In line with this hypothesis, we found that the ectoparasitic fly, Carnus hemapterus, was less abundant on young raised by more heavily spotted females and those flies were less fecund.’
  • ‘Samples received between December 1, 2003 and February 28, 2004, will be examined free of charge where ectoparasitic disease is suspected.’