Meaning of ectoproct in English:




See Ectoprocta

‘A number of groups, such as phoronids, ectoprocts and entoprocts, bear horseshoe-shaped tentacle rings and ‘U’ shaped digestive tracts.’
  • ‘The body, similar to the zooid of ectoprocts and entoprocts, comprises a cupulate section with a robust attachment.’
  • ‘The group Lophophorata contains three animal phyla - brachiopods, phoronids, and ectoprocts - all of which bear a ciliated, tentacular feeding apparatus called a lophophore.’
  • ‘The ciliary sieving method of the ectoprocts (gymnolaemates and stenolaemates) seems to be unique in the animal kingdom.’
  • ‘The position of the ectoprocts is uncertain, but nothing in their morphology indicates deuterostome affinities.’