Meaning of ecumenically in English:



(also oecumenically)

See ecumenical

‘One of the more helpful renamed entries is ‘Daily Prayer’ rather than ‘Canonical Hours,’ a change that reflects both current usage and a more ecumenically friendly approach to the topic.’
  • ‘Perhaps the most ecumenically minded Catholic independent schools are the twenty-one members of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, and many Jesuit schools also have substantial non-Catholic enrollments.’
  • ‘A group of ecumenically inclined Jewish and Catholic scholars, who read an early script of the movie, complained about its historical anachronisms and potential for reanimating the slander of deicide against the Jewish people.’
  • ‘Our involvement in various ecumenical dialogues during recent decades has inevitably raised the question of ecumenically accepted texts and their effects upon our own traditions.’
  • ‘This resource brings together ecumenically and academically diverse preachers, each of whom the church recognizes for their homiletic skills.’