Meaning of eczematous in English:



See eczema

‘On re-exposure, patients develop an acute, pruritic, eczematous dermatitis, often with blisters in a linear configuration at the site of contact.’
  • ‘Predisposing factors are a positive family history of similar symptoms and a personal history of collateral allergy manifested as eczematous dermatitis, urticaria, and/or asthma.’
  • ‘The edema may be accompanied by stasis dermatitis, an often chronic, usually eczematous condition characterized by edema, hyperpigmentation and, commonly, ulceration.’
  • ‘Like xerosis and atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis is an eczematous reaction, but the reaction is localized to allergen-exposed areas.’
  • ‘Yes, it is a vaccinia infection of the eczematous patch in the skin which can extend quite rapidly, and it can be fatal, yes.’



/ɛkˈziːmətəs/ /ɛkˈzɛmətəs/