Meaning of edge case in English:

edge case

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  • An unusual or unforeseen situation where something may fail to work properly or as expected.

    ‘software companies are still ironing out the kinks and discovering edge cases’
    • ‘As with all systems like this, there are edge cases and caveats.’
    • ‘Deep learning doesn't do well with rare edge cases.’
    • ‘I have little doubt that a pro add-on is necessary for catching all of the edge cases.’
    • ‘That's kind of an unexpected edge case.’
    • ‘We felt the larger fix was worth getting out without the edge case being solved.’
    • ‘Those edge cases look urgent.’
    • ‘Will my approach handle all edge cases?’
    • ‘It's an edge case that is technically interesting, although not that relevant in the real world.’
    • ‘For a robust test, you must also test for errors and edge cases.’
    • ‘The resulting software may meet the specification but will react differently to edge cases.’