Meaning of edgelord in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɛdʒlɔːd/


  • A person who affects a provocative or extreme persona, especially online (typically used of a man)

    • ‘edgelords act like contrarians in the hope that everyone will admire them as rebels’
    • ‘He is an entitled suburban teenage edgelord who assumes he has the whole world figured out.’
    • ‘I'm not an edgelord and I have nothing against heroes having principles and not killing on purpose.’
    • ‘Unlike some edgelords he puts a humanity and silliness at the heart of his stories.’
    • ‘He's just saying things to be an edgelord and provoke a reaction out of people.’
    • ‘You're an edgelord through and through.’
    • ‘Ever since that movie I've thought of him as a show-offy edgelord with a sadistic streak.’
    • ‘His flair for riling up online edgelords is a recent discovery.’
    • ‘Those men who have built reputations as edgelords of the comedy world would do well to take note.’
    • ‘I feel like my having this opinion always comes across like I 'm trying to be an edgelord.’
    • ‘His lawyer claims it 's all a misunderstanding - that he was just being an edgelord.’
    • ‘The article reads like the senior thesis of a bright-enough undergraduate edgelord majoring in philosophy.’


Early 21st century from edge (sense 3 of the noun) + lord, perhaps on the pattern of warlord or slumlord.