Meaning of editorialize in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɛdɪˈtɔːrɪəlʌɪz/

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(also British editorialise)
[no object]
  • (of a newspaper, editor, or broadcasting organization) express opinions rather than just report the news.

    ‘the BBC itself was not to editorialize about the news or matters of public policy’
    • ‘The data indicate that only 12 of Ohio's estimated 300 weekly and alternative newspapers editorialized on the judicial race.’
    • ‘The statement was ‘of enormous significance,’ the Guardian newspaper editorialised.’
    • ‘Well, if it's any consolation for Governor Davis, a number of major California newspapers have editorialized against the recall.’
    • ‘This morning Channel Seven's bulletin carried two items that set my teeth on edge due to the sheer amount of obtuseness as it skirted away from reporting the news and into editorialising.’
    • ‘That said, I'm beginning to sense a certain ratcheting of disdain and contempt for current US policies that is morphing more and more into editorialising rather than journalism.’
    • ‘This, along with the findings regarding the Post's greater emphasis on national and international topics, suggests a difference in the importance each newspaper places on editorializing on local subjects.’
    • ‘They were ‘two of the most important decisions since the founding of the state’, editorialised Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper.’
    • ‘Recently both the Times and the New York Daily News have editorialized in favor of reopening the Fresh Kills landfill.’
    • ‘In the days after Indian newspapers printed details of the findings, the Financial Express editorialised against the study.’
    • ‘Over the six-month period from September through February, the leading newspaper in the nation's capital has editorialized 26 times in favor of war.’
    • ‘But here's a revealing fact: In early 1968, the Boston Globe conducted a survey of 39 major U.S. daily newspapers and found that not a single one had editorialized in favor of U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam.’
    • ‘The Peoples Liberation Army Daily editorialised in early July that Jiang was the ‘core’ of the government.’
    • ‘As a journalist, it's not my place to editorialize.’
    • ‘The Washington Post editorialized: ‘The great shame of this deal is only that it was necessary at all.’’
    • ‘‘The American people need a better custodian of their history,’ the Nation magazine editorialized.’
    • ‘You can see what way the wind is blowing when the Minneapolis Star Tribune editorializes in favor of Roberts.’
    • ‘Even fewer newspapers editorialize when campaigns cross the line and set the record straight.’
    • ‘The Guardian newspaper editorialized against it in January, pointing to the problems with the U.S. system.’
    • ‘Newspapers editorialized about their role in promoting honest government.’
    • ‘At least ten of twenty-nine Baptist state papers editorialized against volume 1.’