Meaning of efficiently in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˈfɪʃ(ə)ntli/

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  • 1In a way that achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

    ‘it is essential to make sure businesses operate efficiently to maximize profits’
    • ‘they recycle waste cheaply and efficiently’
    • ‘Then, senior executives could stop managing their earnings and focus on running the businesses more efficiently and effectively.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that the business would not function so efficiently and profitably without them.’
    • ‘While the Internet seems different and new, it really is just another tool that can help us sell and produce more productively and efficiently.’
    • ‘A major objective for both organizations is to deliver services and products as efficiently and economically as possible.’
    • ‘The investment will allow exporters to get goods to the market competitively and efficiently compared to other forms of road and rail transport.’
    • ‘Profits don't reflect greed so much as sound business practices efficiently satisfying market needs.’
    • ‘Agencies and organizations aren't cooperating efficiently due to funding shortfalls of their own.’
    • ‘Management and leadership modules include how to motivate and delegate, how to manage efficiently, and understanding basic employment law.’
    • ‘It recognises that it is the good citizen's responsibility to work for a well governed and efficiently administered society.’
    • ‘The government must use its resources wisely to ensure the economy runs efficiently.’
  • 2In a well-organized and competent way.

    ‘he worked efficiently to accomplish the tasks set’
    • ‘Composting in these units is most efficiently done in batches.’
    • ‘During heatwaves, beef cattle do not grow as fast or as efficiently.’
    • ‘What makes the production facility unique is how efficiently every inch of the 100,000 square-foot total space is used.’
    • ‘Proper lagoon maintenance is critical to keep the system functioning efficiently.’
    • ‘Technology is just a tool to reach the right customer efficiently, nothing more.’
    • ‘In particular, improved analysis of this information can enable teachers to allocate their time more efficiently.’
    • ‘In chickens, the right ventricle of the heart enlarges and can't pump blood efficiently to the lungs.’
    • ‘By looking at crop growth and development, he can see how efficiently water is used in the rotation system.’
    • ‘Garlic has shallow, coarse roots that do not obtain soil nutrients as efficiently as many other crops.’
    • ‘A perennial plant will likely use water more efficiently, require less fertilizer, and face weeds with greater success.’