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  • A person who is obsessively egotistical or self-centred.

    ‘he is a raving egomaniac’
    • ‘Hockey in this country has suffered more than most at the hands of egomaniacs who have run it to the ground.’
    • ‘Why should we be forced to pay million-pound wages to assuage the egos of these egomaniacs, we cry?’
    • ‘But it's a good laugh - what sort of an egomaniac puts that rubbish about themself on the internet anyway?’
    • ‘Is it any wonder that the public's perception of science is that of a bunch of boring egomaniacs jargonizing endlessly about trivialities?’
    • ‘Blogging can bring out the self-absorbed egomaniac in anyone.’
    • ‘He's got long hair, he loves everything purple, and he's a massive egomaniac.’
    • ‘Many Americans saw her as a calculating, cold egomaniac who was hell-bent on taking the presidency for herself.’
    • ‘He's done some great things, but this doesn't alter the fact that he's a deluded egomaniac.’
    • ‘There are many readers who see me as a body-obsessed egomaniac.’
    • ‘He was portrayed as a raging egomaniac.’



/ˌɛɡə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪak/ /ˌiːɡə(ʊ)ˈmeɪnɪak/