Meaning of eish in English:


Pronunciation /eɪʃ/


informal South African
  • Used to express a range of emotions, such as surprise, annoyance, or resignation.

    • ‘eish, I never win!’
    • ‘woke up with cramp, eish’
    • ‘About to do my tax, finally. What a thing to do on a Sunday night. Eish’
    • ‘Eish! The way I took a long nap this afternoon, I'm going to struggle to sleep later!’
    • ‘Some are saying that I am stereotyping them about stereotyping me; eish!’
    • ‘Eish, yeah, you definitely need a car here!’
    • ‘Eish please stop with the always online talk.’
    • ‘Eish, with one or two key Toon defenders injured or suspended, even I can't see them snatching anything from this one’
    • ‘Eish - I am behind on everything.’
    • ‘Eish, man, I know that feeling.’
    • ‘If I'm not mistaken Hougaard never played for the Boks again after that tackle, broken collar bone or something, eish’
    • ‘I know as a fan i should defend her but eish sometimes it's hard, cause she does things I don't agree with.’


1990s origin uncertain. The term originated in the townships and is probably imitative of a non-verbal utterance.