Significado de elan en en Inglés


(also élan)

Pronunciación /eɪˈlɒ̃/ /eɪˈlan/

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mass noun
  • Energy, style, and enthusiasm.

    ‘they performed with uncommon elan onstage’
    • ‘In much the same way Kathakali eclipses other dance forms by its grandeur, Koman shadows all other personae, even though they are woven in a style combining ease and elan.’
    • ‘Mr. Marcose has a robust voice, which he modulates with uncommon ease and elan.’
    • ‘In far off India, Gandhi's barefoot army took on the armed might of the British Empire with as much elan as Ethiopian armed forces defeated the Italians at Adowa in 1896.’
    • ‘The sand bed, which the master insisted upon for aiding effective footwork, will retain for long impressions of hordes of creatures moving around, with elan and grace.’
    • ‘To see the skills, elan and passion of that multi-ethnic product in action on Wednesday night was uplifting and enlightening in equal measure.’
    • ‘But he has continued with the same elan and a quiet determination.’
    • ‘On the other hand there are those swaggering artistes of the Left Bank, the champions of France and a side whose rise has been based on elan and poise.’
    • ‘The Scots, however, had lost the dash and elan of the first half, and it took a sublime one-two from Taylor and Paterson to strike the killer blow.’
    • ‘Knowing, sophisticated elan is, in fact, notable by its absence.’
    • ‘The concept of a restaurant which supports the homeless with flair and elan is an excellent one and I admire the company's ambitions.’
    • ‘But what makes it grand is the sheer class and elan of the service.’
    • ‘It is often the case with major parts: what one gains with age and experience one loses with youthful fire and elan.’
    • ‘Whether it be the ‘banjara’ dance or a vigorous Bhangra, the kids aged between three and four years performed with certain elan.’
    • ‘The comments on initiative and its relation to elan are equally mysterious since, by most interpretations, elan refers to vigor and enthusiasm and has no necessary connection with initiative.’
    • ‘His tales aren't rhythmic and quiet narrations, but explosive stories of passion and elan.’
    • ‘The victory of Georgia was greeted with typical elan by Kerr: ‘It's fantastic news.’’
    • ‘The owners carried them around with such care and elan that visitors looked at the dogs with envy.’
    • ‘Individually, the calls did nothing to dampen my elan but something big and terrible happened after I pressed the ‘End’ button on the third one.’
    • ‘Though he speaks with a slight New York accent, he has cultivated a certain European elan, favoring well-tailored suits and shirts with French cuffs.’
    • ‘Our loss of improvisational elan can be dated to 1989.’
    flair, stylishness, smartness, elegance, grace, gracefulness, poise, polish, suaveness, sophistication, urbanity, chic, finesse, panache, flourish, taste
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Mid 19th century from French élan, from élancer ‘to dart’, from é- ‘out’ + lancer ‘to throw’.