Meaning of electoral roll in English:

electoral roll


(also electoral register)
  • In the UK, an official list of the people in a district who are entitled to vote in an election.

    ‘all voters must be entered on the electoral roll, which is updated annually’
    • ‘She's on the move and isn't registered on the electoral roll. ‘My vote should make a difference, but it won't.’’
    • ‘The two Eisenhower civil rights acts only added an extra 3% Black voters to the electoral roll for the 1960 election.’
    • ‘Men were identified from an electronic copy of the electoral roll, enrolment to vote being compulsory for all Australian adults.’
    • ‘But Labour officials have insisted 10 residents listed on the electoral register at flats above a Blackburn councillor's shop have not voted twice, after it emerged some of the tenants no longer lived at the premises.’
    • ‘Every year, probably another 50,000 ethnic minority voters join the electoral rolls and hardly any of them will ever vote Tory.’
    • ‘But voters are supposed to be on the electoral roll in order to vote, so presumably he was casting provisional votes.’
    • ‘THE UK'S Electoral Commission has launched a campaign reminding British citizens living abroad that they need to be on the electoral register to vote in UK elections and referendums.’
    • ‘Under election laws anyone whose name is on the electoral register may vote with the assistance of a family member or companion.’
    • ‘I was omitted from the electoral register and the polling station would not let me vote, despite proof of my registration and address.’
    • ‘Mr Horner is correct in saying it is possible to trace a ballot paper back to a name on the electoral register whether the ballot paper was submitted in a polling station or via a postal ballot.’
    • ‘Faced with an unprecedented number of ‘new’ voters in the revised electoral rolls, the Election Commission has gone into a tizzy to weed out bogus voters.’
    • ‘Consequently, there are four different electoral rolls for each vote.’
    • ‘If the slightest possibility of elections is coming up then it is important that those wishing to vote fill in their electoral register forms.’
    • ‘Others spoke of names being removed from the electoral register to prevent people voting.’
    • ‘Our personal details are already in the public domain - easily obtainable to anyone from Companies' House, electoral registers, lists of Charity Trustees and telephone directories.’
    • ‘I should point out that the electoral register list has been readily available from the local council for quite some time, but none of the local council candidates have bothered to obtain one.’
    • ‘At polling stations across the city observers reported concerns ranging from monitors' access to voters, to names missing from electoral rolls, to voters being directed to the wrong polling station.’
    • ‘It fought elections, and sought to multiply supporters on the electoral registers and expel opponents, by exploiting the registration provisions of the 1832 Reform Act.’
    • ‘Although it is too late now to register to vote, people already on the electoral roll can apply for a postal vote up until 5pm on Tuesday 26 April.’
    • ‘Briefly, 660 subjects aged 20-44 years were randomly selected from the electoral rolls of the 18th district of Paris.’